HOOFCAST!: “The Most Irrelevant Comedy Podcast on the Web!”



The first original Podcast from Paste Comedy started in 2009.  Hoofcast is a comedy sketch show disguised as a podcast starring three comedic geniuses fond of irrelevant, disturbing, and sometimes downright disgusting comedy and pop culture. It truly is the most irrelevant comedy podcast on the web!


HOOFCAST Stars Jason, Nigel and Patrick



TALKIN’ WITH WALKEN: “What if Walken was a Psychopath with his Own Podcast?”

Talkin with Walken


The man who made HOOFCAST a household name!  A spin-off of the former Hoofcast segment “Walken’s Week.”  Ever wonder what it would be like if Walken was a complete psychopath with a podcast? Well wonder no more! From the creators of HOOFCAST comes Talkin with Walken.


Talkin’ with Walken stars Walken (Patrick) and Nigel