Chrenny’s Garden of Delights

Sep 21

This week we have the honor of presenting the latest episode of Chrenny’s Garden of Delights.  A delight filled little podcast with a garden full of witty banter and general funniness and stuff and things.  Our sponsorship of this week’s episode will feed their children for years to come and only cost them 3 unopened packs of Garbage Pail Kids, the March 1978 edition of National Geographic and a Half-Gallon of Whale Tears.  Check it out it’s...

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New Video – Dodge Seems a Little Conceited

Sep 18 Exclusive Is it just me or do the new Dodge Commercials seem a little conceited...

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Paste. “TV Show” & the Official Launch of

Sep 16

It’s here at last! “Paste.” Our version of a TV show/sitcom. As an added bonus to Paste. we are also proud to announce that is now officially open for business! So after you’re done watching Paste. give the site a tour. We have taken the time to painstakingly assemble all things Paste Comedy under one roof. The podcasts, blogs, videos, albums, etc. are all here! Not good enough for you? Well we’re also releasing our new album, “Hoofcast Sings!” exclusively here on and we dropped the price of our first album, “Warning: May Cause Explosive Diarrhea” to $1.99 to commerorate this momentous occassion....

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Free Album Available this Friday!

Sep 15

Not only are we launching this Friday and premiering the Paste “TV show” exclusively on the site, but we are also putting out a brand new album. That’s right, a new Hoofcast album! Not good enough? Well how about we give you the album for free? New website, TV show and a free album. You’re...

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New “PFUA” Blog Posted

Sep 11

New “Patrick’s F’d Up Adulthood” article: “9/11 Wackiness (’cause I too was alive that day)” posted in the Blog section.  Because everyone has a story about that day.  Why not add to the...

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“Paste.” Streaming Exclusively Here!

Sep 08

The “TV Show” is finally done, so to celebrate our achievement we’re going to give you the chance to watch it in it’s entirety before anyone else.  The show will be streaming HD right here on from September 16th through September 30th before inevitably being chopped into its individual parts and shipped off to every available video streaming site on the web.  In the meantime check out the trailer, get your popcorn ready and prepare to bask in the glory of our greatest...

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New Season of Talkin’ with Walken!!

Sep 02

Walken has officially come out of retirement and is ready to disturb and corrupt your minds once again in a whole new season of Talkin’ with Walken!  The new season starts October 14th and will feature a return to the old “Walkens Week” format featuring our own Nigel...

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