New Things Coming! At some point…

Jul 04

New Things Coming! At some point…

It has been rather quiet in the Paste Comedy world lately. I’m (Patrick) busy with my new career at McDonalds (fry cook’s assistant), Nigel’s working on a masters in late 1940’s Scandinavian beat poetry, and Jason is busy doing Asian things (boiling cat brains or something). Fear not though, we have big plans for the not-so-distant future, including Ninja Cat 2, a newish Hoofcast album featuring the best of season two, an actually new Hoofcast album with all new characters, a new podcast featuring new and old sketches, a “McConaughey Reads” cartoon, and maybe a new season of Talkin’ with Walken…maybe. So stay tuned as we rebuild for updates. For now feel free to download Hoofcast seasons 1 and 2, which is now pretty much exclusively available on



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